Google Chrome hidden game trick run on PC and Android

A hidden game in Google Chrome run on Pc and Android
Hi reader's today I'm back after a long time and hope you will be fine.I know people love cool and simple tricks.After a few days ago I searched on Google Chrome and I found an amazing hidden Google Chrome game trick.So I thought to share it with you.Google has added an amazing runner game into Chrome,in which you attempt to survive as a cute T-Rex Dinosaur by jumping over cactus. You've probably seen the cute little dinosaur that appears when Chrome can't establish a network connection and this game work only if your internet connection is disable and it is also run on android Google Chrome.This game is written in JavaScript and you can also find the complete source code in the Chromium Repository.You can look for more tips and tricks of this kind in our blog.

How to Play it?


Desktop users can play this game by disconnecting their internet connection and perform some random search.Once you get the page having Dinosaur,press the Space bar button to activate the game.You dinosaur will start running and you will have to avoid the cactus tree in the middle by pressing space bar to jump over the tree.


Android users have to disable the data pack or switch the mobile phone to the airplane mode in order to play this game.After turning off the data,perform some random search for T-Rex to come.The only difference in Android game is that you have to tap on the screen to jump.Give it a shot and have fun.

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this do not work

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Congrats bro techinfoknow you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...

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